Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow Again

When I woke up with snowfall over the weekend, I was afraid all my fun, wondrous (no, not really) plans would be put on hold. Of course it stopped snowing almost immediately. Since then, the weathermen have been drilling the number of inches we're supposed to be getting in tonight's winter weather downpour. It's finally starting to look like a winter wonderland outside.

I spoke with one of my coworkers about a month ago about last year's blizzards. Even with 10+ inches of snow accumulation, they were expected to open the store and work. Yep, this is the life of retail. So, as I dream about an adult snow day tomorrow, the chances of that happening are less than the chances we'll get the 4 inches they keep preaching....That doesn't mean I won't keep my heads in the clouds tonight though (:

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