Friday, February 11, 2011

happy weekend (:

This is the weekend before Valentine's Day. Any special plans? I know there are lots of people who celebrate the loving day before and after the 14th to avoid the crowds and the notoriously bad service and inflated prices. As for me, I will be making a romantic (or not so romantic) dinner for two on the day of and then celebrating at Brasserie Beck later in the week.

Hope you guys have a wonderful day with that someone special or a joyous celebration with all your single friends (:

From Love: Bridal Fashion Inspiration

Axis Maps - beautiful typographic maps of u.s. cities
Liu Bolin - an ingenious artist that blends himself into any surrounding
I Am Baker - creative and visually stunning baking recipes
The Poverty Line - a man's attempt to visually show the means of the chinese poverty line
Closet Visit - allows insight into women's wardrobes, closets, and homes

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