Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Flash Forward

I've been antsy recently, and I'll tell you why. There is a forum online that my mother reads. To help you understand, I will give you an analogy. Online forum: my mom:: crack: addict. She loves to read it every night after work and to refresh when possible. The worst part is that this forum is called, a professional forum for those either wanting to get into the health field (prospective professional school kids) or those already in it (current students or actual working people in the field). Basically the prospective professional school kids use it to freak each other out about getting into school. And it's been working because they've been freaking my mom out.

Since my interview early last month, everyone's been eagerly awaiting their letters of acceptance. Apparently two weeks ago, acceptance letters have already started trickling out. So for the past two weeks, my mom has been on my last nerve about whether I've heard back yet. At her insistence, I told her I had sent an email last Friday to the admissions office (which of course I didn't).

Believe it or not, yesterday I received an email through my phone from the University of Maryland Baltimore. It was thanking me for my interest in the school, which usually sets up for a rejection when...BAM. It was honoring me for being ACCEPTED TO THE CLASS OF 2015!

So now not only does my mom believe that the admissions people forgot about me until I emailed them inquiring about my status (which remember I did not), she will now forever gloat about how she was right about my future and blah blah blah. God I hate that look on her face -_-.

I guess the point of the post is that you are now looking at a future pharmacist from the University of Maryland Baltimore Class of 2015!

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