Saturday, September 25, 2010


I'm daunted by the idea of putting myself out there for the world to read and to dissect, and I'm also frustrated by where and how to find the inspiration for my posts. But when I read the thoughts of my Twin on his blog, I am immediately awed every time. The strength with which he carries on through every situation he encounters is a huge inspiration in my life. He sees so much limitless possibility in the most seemingly innocuous things, and he finds inspiration effortlessly.

I'm so grateful that I have someone like him in my life. Although we can no longer see each other on a regular basis (he lives in the Midwest while I am on the east coast), he somehow still motivates me to carpe diem the eff out of life. So, thank you Twin, for all your strength and perseverance and spontaneity and fun. And just for you: I get it in.

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