Sunday, December 5, 2010

Already December

I can't believe that Thanksgiving has passed and now the winter holiday season is looming. I've been researching ideas for cheap gifts, seeing as how I am broke. Gifts include those for coworkers, those who have written me recommendations, friends close, friends far away, and family. Not only do I need gifts, but I also need greeting cards. Ugh. Tis the season of giving and getting even broker.

Not only that, but winter weather is something I've always dreaded. To cope, I always spend an inexorbitant amount of money and time shopping and buying things. For example, the past 3 weekends have been filled with trips to the mall. Last week's purchases require more purchasing to complete outfits (such as this dress - desperately in need of a belt(?) to break up the monotony).

I have decided on some homemade food items as gifts for the coworkers. In the next few weeks, I should have another post for how they turn out. Cross your fingers please.

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